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Web Project Showcase

Commercial Websites:
Canada PPP
Creation of a website that displays information about private-public projects in Canada (not yet launched)
Empowering Writers
Private Website Projects:
Development of a website and backend processing system for a company that makes payments to lenders on behalf of customers who have taken auto/home loans for purchases.  All of the business logic is in Oracle 10g, based on Object oriented programming (TYPE object in Oracle). The front end application is running through JAVA hibernate which calls the Oracle procedures.  At the time of bill payment of the lender, XML Web service is called through JAVA: it creates a token as well as payment ID for every payment. All the monthly and daily reports are running through Crystal report viewer.  The application is running on IBM Linux.
A portal for state schools that shows school achievements as measured by federal guidelines.
A highly secure website site for victim identification in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.  The application supports activities from a Call-in Center to build a victim manifest to operations in the field to collect identification material with PC tablets.  The site is built on an ASP.Net framework with Dundas and Microsoft Reporting Services.
A website that supports clinical trials.  Overall skills required – XML, ASP.Net, C# .NET, VB.Net, ASP, VB, COM+. Database is Sql Server.
Development of a website for Municipal Funds accounts. 
Development of a website for helicopter maintenance and pilot scheduling for a major City Police force.  The site had to be accurate (people’s lives are at stake), reliable and fast and secure.  The site also facilitates budgeting based on actual.  The site was developed in a Microsoft ASP.NET framework.
Philadelphia Scientific:
Development of a real-time, battery management system ( The system is detailed at