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Web Development

Every organization needs a website. 

For commercial sites, your website is your #1 salesperson. Early websites reflected a business, but today's tell a very focused, marketing story. Our websites capture attention in crowded spaces and build relationships that lead to repeat business.

For private sites, the addition of Web 2.0 technologies lets people collaborate more effectively in secure interactions.

If you don’t have a website, we’ll help you build one.  If you have one already, we’ll help you take advantage of fresh approaches to design and new technological possibilities that will bring you closer to the people important to your business—prospects, clients, employees and suppliers.

We specialize in developing large, full-featured sites for global organizations that push the envelope on technology.  But we also build small sites for young businesses and stick around to help them grow.

When developing the "look and feel" of websites, we offer the option to conduct online focus groups. We give you the reaction of site viewers so you don't need to relie on how people within your business alone see your messages. These online focus groups also can be used to test page useability.

Whether large or small, a website needs timely augmentation—from a redesign/redevelopment to incorporation of new capabilities such as:

E-Commerce Content Management Systems
Browser Plug-ins Money saved is money earned - and that adage remains true.
Social Networking   Surveys
Bidding and Procurement   Auction Systems
Real time interactions   Links to smartphones and other mobile devices
Oracle/MySQL JAVA, Jsp, J2EE, Struts, AJAX
Linux, Windows   VB,VB.NET

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