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Delivering major software projects is both complex and fraught with risk. For success, the project must be a managed process. Unless the project is fully specified and properly managed, risks and inevitable changes will proliferate, resulting in time and budget overruns. The key to a successful project is a proven methodology and a consistent approach to quality via project planning and client interaction throughout the whole process.

At Nihilent Sapphire Inc, we advocate a disciplined approach to projects that breaks the ‘Project Life Cycle’ down into manageable phases, each comprising activities and tasks with associated deliverables. Distinct activities that require user acceptance throughout the whole life cycle ensure risks are minimized for you and us. Active risk management and change control management are performed throughout the phases of the project to control costs and maximize throughput.

Our approach is broken down into distinct phases:
Project Definition (aka “Feasibility Analysis”)
Functional Specification
System Design (Technical Specification)
Post Delivery Support Arrangements
We organize these phases into delivery modules with well-defined functionality so you see results quickly. This approach offers:
Each module is self-contained and forms a contract between you and Nihilent Sapphire Inc
Each phase is a logical input to the next phase
You are obligated only to the module contracted, limiting your financial exposure
Each module has specific deliverables designed to ensure your requirements are met
Each phase’s deliverables are reusable with other IT Solution Providers with the possible exceptions of the System
  Design and Development phases (depending on tool set selected)