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Knowing how you’re doing now is the key to success tomorrow.  The closer you come to the point of sale, the better you make strategic marketing, product mix, pricing and many more decisions.  The farther away the key metrics, the foggier the view.  Most companies with large product mixes offered across many markets are flying blind.

That’s where TurfView (TV) helps.  It’s like special glasses into your points of sale no matter where they’re happening.

The TurfView Family of Products helps organizations create a sales data warehouse for the continuous tracking of sales, reducing the gap between the transaction and the report of the sale.

TurfView is:
Multi-language – currently runs in English, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. Support for any language
Multi-currency – companies operating across national boundaries can maintain cross-currency transaction reporting.
Integrates with your present ERP and accounting systems

The Turf View Family of consists of:

TurfView Distribution Turf View Mobile
Comprehensive software for the management of channel partners, accounts and inventory.
Promotes collaboration across the distribution channel, for operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.
Turns your sales team into a sales ‘force’ – a Sales Management Automation Solution with GRPS technology.
TurfView Customer Care TurfView bi
A Service Franchisee Management Solution that builds valuable customer equity.
Creates an effective service network.
Operational functionalities encompass the entire service process, which facilitates improvement in productivity and increased profitability.
A generalized system for managing sales in large organizations.
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