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TurfView Mobile extends the functionalities of Turf View Distribution to the front-line Sales team. It equips the sales team with handheld devices which enables them meet on-field sales challenges, and provides the functions of account management, task management and sales order management.

In the fast business environment of today, every organization has to react quickly and leverage every arising opportunity. Stiff competition, reducing margins and increasing complexity dictate that sales team are more effective, and to this end they require supportive tools. Turf View Mobile provides these tools for the empowerment of the sales force, and more.

Business Benefits
Enhance Force Productivity
• A comprehensive distribution channel partner relationship management solution.
• Delivers a flexible platform for an organization to promote collaboration across the distribution channel, thereby improving operational efficiency and driving customer satisfaction.
• Is a comprehensive software for the management of channel partners, accounts and inventory, coupled with the capabilities of data warehousing and business intelligence.
Greater Workforce Effectiveness
TurfView Mobile helps the mobile workforce in quick and flexible decision making with greater access to on-field information. It provides assistance in managing a broad range of transactions and eliminates the possibility of human error. Moreover, the ready availability of information provides opportunities fro cross-selling and up-selling.

Enhance Service Quality for Improved Customer Service
TurfView Mobile enables the sales force to carry out customer interactions with complete and instantaneous access to relevant information. Informed interaction and responsiveness of service facilitates an increase in customer satisfaction. This is further enabled by TurfView Mobile’s provisions to process orders in the field quickly and accurately
Leverage Your Technology Investments
Turf View Mobile extends an organization’s enterprise applications to new processes and people. This is a pre-requisite to achieving tangible reductions in operating costs and growth of top-line revenue. It allows organizations to achieve better ROI on their technology investments.