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How TurfView Helps

TurfView helps you with : 

  Business Planning
Pinpoint drivers of high demand
Analyze the latest trend in sales
Forecast future product-wise future sales (in volume and in $)
Determine why sales differed from plan and how to respond
Find the most profitable allocation of marketing funds
Provide insights into product price sensitivity
Analyze the impact of discounting on margins
Arrive at an optimal price point to maximize total profits
Marketing Inventory Management
Track and optimize campaign performances.
Forecast the effect of promotional activities on future sales.
Identify Cross selling opportunities through a market-basket analysis.
Analyze daily point of sales data to project aging stock and potential stock-out situations.
  Identify optimum inventory levels for different products.
  Evaluate the retailer and vendor sourcing rules, and suggest inventory re-stock levels.

Turf View gives those involved the timely information they need to excel :