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TurfView Distribution

  Channel Management Solution  
TurfView Distribution is a comprehensive distribution channel partner relationship management solution.  
Selling through the channel – rather than selling to the channel
It delivers a flexible platform for an organization to promote collaboration across the distribution channel, thereby improving operational efficiency and driving customer satisfaction.

It converts the distribution channel into a virtual extension of the organization itself – thereby enabling the organization to sell through the channel rather than to the channel.

Implementing World Class Distribution Management Practices
A study of successful organizations across a range of industries will establish efficiency in distribution as a necessary condition for growth. Companies no longer compete individually, instead their supply chains are competing, and success is achieved by driving products through channels.

In the global marketplace, distribution channels being called on to serve varied markets across different geographies with unprecedented speed and precision. Not only do distribution managers have to deal with a complicated range of activities, they have to work with multiple distribution channels to monitor complex inter-related activities to ensure the smooth operation of the supply chain.

TurfView Distribution enables the implementation of efficient distribution management by :
• Clearly demarcating territories and assign responsibilities.
• Clearly defining operational policies, strategies, parameters and targets.
• Communicating all policies, strategies, parameters and targets quickly to channel partners.
• Guiding, supporting and monitoring channel partner operations.
• Getting feedback quickly and taking management action accordingly.
Business Benefits
TurfView Distribution creates value for companies by enabling the cross-channel collaboration necessary for today’s complex distribution networks and provides companies with a consistent and comprehensive view of the channel landscape.
Enhanced Channel Productivity
• Facilitates channel productivity by detailed partner profiling and business planning, reporting and segmentation functions
• Facilitates communication between and across multiple channel partners – transforms a sequential supply chain into an adaptive supply chain network.
Optimization of Marketing Investments
• Enables improved marketing program design based on partner insight.
• Allows evaluation on incentive and marketing programs through online implementation and performance tracking.
• Develops a knowledge system with profile targeting and tracking, and makes it visible across the channel.
Improved Organizational Efficiency
• Availability of real-time information improves inventory management and thereby frees capital.
• Automation of administrative activities frees managers to concentrate on more demanding jobs.
• Automation also eliminates the error rates typically associated with order processing.
• Optimization of lead management and fund management substantially drives increases in revenues.
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