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Service Franchisee Management

Companies in the business of selling consumer durables in markets with a large geographical spread are continually under pressure to ensure fast turnaround of service requests. The challenge of bringing service to the customer’s doorstep can only be met by a world-class-network-appointing service franchisees has become the order of the day.

TurfView Customer Care has been designed for organizations that need to implement an effective service network. It provides organizations and their network of service providers with operational functionalities that encompass the entire service process, which facilitates improvement in productivity and increased service responsiveness.

It has been designed as a generic solution to satisfy needs of sectors such as consumer durables, automobiles and industrial instruments.
It lends itself to customization to fit the unique service network structure of an organization.
Its functionalities acknowledge the sector-specific as well as organization-specific variances in service operations.
The Business Case for Managed Franchisee Operations
Uniform Service Framework
TurfView Customer Care addresses the needs of large organizations to ensure that quality after-sales service is being provided to its customers. It enables the organization to implement its service policies and strategies uniformly across the franchisee network, thereby ensuring quality of service and process consistency.
Leveraging Technology Investments
TurfView Mobile extends an organization’s enterprise applications to new processes and people. This is a pre-requisite to achieving tangible reductions in operating costs and growth of top-line revenue. It allows organizations to achieve better ROI on their technology investments.
Building Customer Loyalty
TurfView Customer Care understands the needs of franchisers and their partners, and allows franchisees to automate, manage and control key processes which deliver quality service. Quality service at the franchisee level ensures a high degree of customer satisfaction and a high percentage of return sales for an organization.
Empowering the franchisee
TurfView Customer Care helps the franchisee build a loyal customer following. It is a Service Manager’s answer to Service Management. It enables the Service Manager to standardize and make enhance the various parameters of service, thereby creating a satisfied customer.
Managing Costs
TurfView Customer Care enables an integrated management of resources, and maintains a real-time monitoring of the key resources of inventory and people, thereby providing effective cost management.
Providing Business Insights
Through effective reporting and analysis of process data and key performance indicators, Turf View Customer Care gives the franchisee and its parent organization insights for improved business strategies.