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TurfView Architecture

Turf View Customer Care is a modular application with a separate module for the parent organization (Head Office module), and individual modules (End User System) for the service centers.
The Head Office module defines the parameters of organizational policies and procedures for the service network. This information base is exported to the End User modules.

The End User System addresses the entire range of business activities in customer service management. The customer service information from End User systems are exported back to the Head Office module to create a comprehensive database of organizational service performance.


Service Framework Definition Service Call Management
The Service framework module is administered at the Head Office, and is used to define the parameters that govern the service process.
Spares for individual products
Prices for spares
Labor charges
Other service norms
The Service Call Management module is a comprehensive module providing integrated management of customer service calls, starting from initial call registration to job allocation to work-order generation and work-order closing. The individual activities are configurable to allow for the varying call response procedures of different organizations. The functionalities of this module include:
Call Registration
Work Order Generation
Work Order Allocation
Work Order Monitoring
Work Order Closing
Tracking of performance history of products
Service performance analysis
Reimbursement Management Inventory Management
The Reimbursements module covers the reimbursement process of spares and service charges from the parent organization to the service franchisee. The module allows defining appropriate calculation mechanism for reimbursements based in organization specific parameters. The process flow for the reimbursements module covers reimbursements calculations, claims approval and tracking of actual receipts.
Definitions of Reimbursement Calculation
Definitions of Approval Mechanisms
Reimbursement reporting
The inventory module helps service centers efficiently manage spares. This module not only supports the basic inventory management functions such as stock transfers and reconciliations, but also the purchase process and goods receipt activity. Some of the activities of the inventory module:
Spares Management
Stock Transfer / Reconciliation
Purchase Order Generation
Goods Receipt Note Generation
Inventory Management Reports
Accounting Module

The Accounting module is a powerful backend module to automate accounting processes such as posting to ledgers and creation of accounts statements. The accounting module creates journals, ledgers, profit and loss statements and balance sheets. It tracks bank transactions such as the creation of pay-in slips and Cheque tracking.


Turf View Distribution provides a framework for the entire marketing process: It provides for :

Situation analysis tools that help an organization to evaluate itself, its customers and channel partners.
Marketing strategy development and implementation methods.
Definition of the controllable parameters of the marketing mix.
Implementation and control of the entire marketing plan.
Continual monitoring and adaptation to fulfill customer needs over the long-term.