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If you’re looking for a fast way to develop a Windows application, DataEase is for you.  And if you’re not a guru programmer but you need to build an application, DataEase is definitely for you!

DataEase is a rapid application development tool for the Windows world.  You can develop relational database applications easily in minutes.

Nihilent Sapphire Inc offers DataEase development, redevelopment of DataEase for DOS applications to Windows, DataEase training, DataEase support and maintenance of DataEase applications.  We’ve been working with DataEase since the early 1980’s.

What’s DataEase

DataEase lets you feel your way into an application without a lot of upfront analysis.  In a sense, you prototype a version on the fly that even as it works in production.

Originally DataEase was aimed at enabling a person without coding experience to solve a problem with a database on a PC.  Who better could understand the subtleties of business process than a person engaged with it?

That makes the results sound limited, but that’s because it’s hard to imagine a business professional developing a fully relational database application with more than 1,000 tables for hundreds of users. That’s exactly what DataEase does.

You start by building a data entry form.  You drag and drop fields about where you want (refine the layout later).  Save it and start entering data.  It’s that fast.

Build another form.  Relate it to the first.  Add more forms.  Create some reports.  Your application grows.
If you want the results a relational database offers fast, DataEase is for you!

To visit the DataEase website : - The site offers a free trial version, updates, patches, copies of old versions for development/testing and a User Forum for your questions.
To buy DataEase :
To learn more about DataEase :