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A Hybrid Engagement features Nihilent consultants both locally on your site and offshore.  Typically, the U.S.-based consultants gather requirements, meet with you face-to-face, lead development teams, manage the project, train users and offer User Acceptance assistance.  Design, Development and Quality assurance are performed offshore.  Documentation may be performed in either location.

You gain:
Shortened delivery time through virtually round-the-clock work cycles.
Lowered overall costs.
Incorporation of team members from a large pool of talent.

A typical Hybrid Engagement is:

In this illustration, the onsite liaison office handles issues related to the customer relationship, project scoping, broad architecture design and proposal preparation. Once the proposal is signed off, the onsite liaison team seamlessly engages offshore analytics and software groups for project execution. The QA and Testing teams carry out user acceptance tests based on pre-approved test plans. Final integration occurs at the client site.