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Nihilent Sapphire Inc. traces its beginning back to 1981 when it was founded in 1981, expressly to serve the emerging new personal computer software industry. In 1983, Sapphire became the exclusive United Kingdom distributor for a new PC-database system, called DataEase. Success in marketing and supporting DataEase quickly extended Sapphire exclusive’s distribution rights to Europe. In 1992, Sapphire and DataEase International, Inc. merged. In April 1996, Sapphire moved the company’s corporate headquarters and development to London and founded Sapphire International, Inc. to serve the United States and Canadian markets.

Sapphire International, Inc. thrived, earning multi-year million dollar contracts. Sapphire continually expanded its practice of redeveloping legacy DataEase applications for new platforms, including the internet. As skills grew, Sapphire ventured into new development of non-Dataease projects.

Nihilent Sapphire is a part of Nihilent Analytics, Ltd., a wholly owned Analytics and Software Development Company in Kolkata, India of Nihilent.